Inspiration transforms into amazing things and to inspire and be inspired is perhaps one of the wonderful traits that humanity possesses. What sparks as an inkling of an idea, always has the potential to turn into greatness. Every magnificent entity within both the past and the present, and certainly what will take place in the future has come from some form of inspiration. At Paramount Elite Gymnastics, inspiration occurs on a daily basis. From the wide-eyed toddler that completes a forward roll for the first time, to the level 10 gymnast that has worked his or her entire life to achieve great things in both gymnastics and life, it is difficult to not be inspired when you walk through the doors of P.E.G. The combination of the children in each class working together either as a team or as recreational gymnasts, the coaches that make a difference in each of these children's lives, and the parents that support and believe in their children's desire to be upside down, is nothing short of inspirational.


If everything were easy, nothing would be an accomplishment worth even a nod. However, as we all know, everyone faces challenges in many facets of life. At Paramount Elite Gymnastics, we believe children should be challenged in order to understand what it is to work for a goal. How many times does a cartwheel have to be done in order for it to be perfected? How many times do you have to fall off of the balance beam before you are able to stay on with grace and beauty? With perseverance, hard work, and dedication, children learn what it is to be challenged, to work hard to overcome obstacles, and to succeed.


At Paramount Elite Gymnastics, we see children grow daily as individuals and as gymnasts. We have seen the shyest of children grow into confident young people with the skills needed to succeed not only in the gym, but in life. Having the ability to stand with confidence in any given situation is taught both directly and indirectly at P.E.G. The ability to have poise and control over one's body is more of an accomplishment than one would think. For the little ones, gymnastics fine-tunes those motor skills that equate into better cognitive skills by the time school starts. Skipping, and muscle control over the body at a young age transcends into reading readiness and critical thinking, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. For the older ones, each new skill attained translates into growth in an obvious way, but mentally and emotionally, as well. Confidence, pride, and pure joy come from the ability to grow at P.E.G.


Why so serious? Of course in gymnastics there are plenty of times that seriousness comes into play for learning and for safety reasons, but really how serious can one ultimately be in a big colorful indoor playground surrounded by giants mats of all shapes and sizes.? P.E.G. kids and coaches alike wouldn't be the stellar group we are if we didn't love to have fun! From both the competitive and recreational gymnasts, there are many smiles to be had. Friday night Kid's Nights, Winter, Spring, and Summer camps, and special events are just a small part of the fun at Paramount Elite Gymnastics.